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A cloudy, opalescent colour in the glass, with a gentle, naturally arising bubble which is enhanced by in-bottle fermentation. The nose fills with soft fruity aromas overlaid with a fresh natural yoghurt vibe. The palate is nashi pear, melon and sliced green apple with a grapefruit tang finishing on a refreshing, clean medium dry note. It’s a beautiful package of well-balanced fruitiness, zesty acidity and rice derived umami that is a great sparkling option. Quaffable when chilled and served alongside a platter of cheese, figs and jamon.

    • Region: Aomori
    • Classification: Junmai Sparkling Sec
    • Item Code: 1400:169324
    • %ALC/VOL: 13%
    • Net Volume: 500ml
    • Rice: N/A
    • Rice Polishing Rate:  N/A
    • SMV (Sake Meter Value): N/A
    • Serve: Chilled
    • Matching Food: Shellfish - Oysters, grilled scallops, prawns, lobster mornay. Soft cheese – brie, camembert, Brillat Savarin, soft goat cheese.

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