Nippon Food Distributors (Melbourne) and Taiyo Foods (Sydney) have been supplying some of Australia’s best bars, restaurants, food retailers, caterers and manufacturers with all manner of Japanese ingredients for almost two decades.

From an artisanal soy sauce with a 330-year history to a special rice wine vinegar (the same one you’d find at Michelin-star restaurants in Tokyo), our products have found favour among renowned Japanese kitchens in Melbourne. And if you can't find something, let us source it for you.

Nippon Food Distributors also have an extensive Japanese saké portfolio. Much of the saké available in Australia is from big national brands so our focus is on the beautiful hard-to-obtain saké from small family breweries with long histories of producing high-quality saké with immense care.

We travel to Japan regularly to meet with our brewers, so we understand the passion and process behind each bottle. We’ve also tasted every saké in our collection and selected it for its exceptional quality and character

Many of small-scale breweries use locally grown rice, while recipes and craftsmanship are passed down from generation to generation of tōji (master brewer). We’re slowly ensuring that we’re representing all the different regions of Japan, as every brewery uses their own koji (fermented rice), and this, along with the type of rice, water and process, produces unique flavours and textures.

We also gravitate towards breweries that execute each step by hand rather than using machines. This means our saké tend to be made in very small batches, and many of these rare drops are only available exclusively through us in Australia.

With almost 20 years of sourcing and tasting up our sleeves, Nippon Food Distributors have not only established a reputation for our passion for hunting down prestigious Japanese products, but we’ve built strong relationships with the breweries and producers we work with.


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